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Payroll Services for Erie & Crawford County, PA

Convenient Input Methods - We accept payroll information by traditional call-in, fax, and email. For larger employers, and employers who wish to have more control over their companies' payroll, we offer payroll input via a program called PayChoice Connection. The PayChoice Connection enables employers to enter their own payroll data remotely through their personal computers. An employer can pre-process their payroll, check it for accuracy, and then send the completed payroll to us for processing. We also offer a web-based program called PayChoice Online.

We strive to provide the most complete and accurate payroll services available.

Platinum Pay Cards - The perfect option for employees who do not want or cannot get a traditional bank account and still want the convenience of direct deposit. Our Platinum Pay Card works like a traditional debit card and gives your employees the flexibility they receive from direct deposit. They no longer have to pay costly check cashing fees, and their card is fully transferable if they no longer work for you. Click here for more information.
Payroll Services Crawford County, PA
Direct Deposit - The most convenient way for your employees to receive their pay is through direct deposit. They do not have to worry about making it to the bank or coming in to work to pick up a check on their day off. Their pay will be automatically deposited into their checking or savings account. Your employees can directly deposit net pay amounts, a percentage of their net pay amount, or a flat dollar amount into the bank account. We can even assist in setting them up with a bank account if they do not have one.

Earnings and Deductions - We understand that not all employees are paid on an hourly basis. As a CBCS payroll client you have the ability to pay your employees in a variety of ways such as hourly, salary, commission, tipped employees (either tips included in pay or reporting tips), and third party sick pay. We can also handle all the employees' deductions such as health insurance, 401K, AFLAC, garnishments (i.e. Child Support, Bankruptcy, etc).
Payroll Services Erie County, PA
Tax and Compliance Services - CBCS makes all Federal, State Withholding, State Unemployment, Local EIT, and Local LST Taxes on your behalf. You can choose to have all the tax dollars drawn on your account or we can escrow your tax dollars for you, so you do not have to worry about having the funds available when the government requires you to pay them. We also file all required quarterly payroll tax returns on your behalf.
New Hire Reporting - Federal and State legislation requires employers to report all new or rehired employees. CBCS will file the information directly with the State on your behalf, so you have more time to run your business.

Year End W-2s - CBCS prepares W-2 forms for each of your employees who worked for you throughout the year and submits them to the proper taxing authorities. We also provide you and your employees with a copy for accurate personal tax return filing.
Third Party Checks (Wage Garnishments) - CBCS calculates third party payments (i.e. child support, PHEAA loans, wage attachments etc.) and produces checks, or electronically transfers funds for any combination of deductions and/or benefits. This service keeps you, as the employer, compliant with court orders without the stress of having to compute and mail third party checks on behalf of your employees.
Tax Preparation Erie County, PA
Check Stubs - We provide each of your employees with a check stub so they have a record of how much they were paid and how much was taken out. Your employees will appreciate that they have a professional document that they can show third parties (i.e. Banks, Courts, etc.) that may need proof of their earnings. Click here to see our sample check stub.

Paperless Reporting - We understand that payroll reports can take up a lot of valuable space in an office. We are able to send all payroll reports (including copies of check stubs, quarterly reports, and W-2's) via email to authorized personnel in your company. The reports come in an encrypted format so there is no worry that unauthorized personnel will be able to view them. The added benefit of paperless reporting means that you no longer have to file, sort, and shred hard copy reports, saving you time and money.

Time Keeping Systems - CBCS offers time clocks through TimeVantage. This reduces the time you have to spend logging and submitting payroll hours. Their internet based solution receives the time from hardware time clocks and displays the punch times of each employee. Click here for a brochure detailing the benefits of our time keeping systems.
Tax Preparation Crawford County, PA
Workers Compensation - We have worked with The Hartford Company and Guard Insurance Group to provide more integrated workers compensation reporting. With our "pay as you go" workers compensation services, your workers compensation insurance is based on actual wages, leading to more accurate wages being reported, and no surprise increases when it comes time to renew your policy.
Fast Turnaround Time - Are you running a little behind in getting payroll information together? No problem! Our typical turnaround time for payroll checks is less than 2 hours and we have delivery service available.

Labor and Job Costing - We can categorize payroll costs by job or departments within your company, which allows you to better track expenses against sales.

Electronic Signatures and Pressure Sealing - We electronically sign and pressure seal the payroll checks, making distribution to your employees fast and easy.
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